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This is just a short article detailing why I decided to build

So back in November 2014 I left my job to do a start-up. The main reason for wanting to do a start-up was the work I was doing at the time wasn't all that interesting and a number of colleagues had recently left. While I didn't actually have a particular idea for the start-up I assumed I'd come up with something considering every second day I think of an idea "that someone else should do". The difficult part of landing on an idea is determining it's viability and understanding how it would work as a business. My general process for coming up with ideas is identifying a pain point for myself or others and coming up with a solution for it.

Initially I did a lot of market research regarding paid email services since I wasn't all that happy with my current provider. The ultimate conclusion I came to, following the research, was that I should just buy a custom domain and use that for email since it means you don't get locked into specific providers – which was my main gripe. So with my email idea blown out of the water I ended up landing on another idea which had always been in the back of my mind. Though I still think an email service run like a utility (e.g. you pay X per receipt of email, Y for sending a email, Z for each MB of storage, and so on) would be an interesting idea. My new idea is essentially a bookmarking service specifically targeting software developers. The reason for this is I've never been happy with the bookmarking tools readily available to me for the large amount of bookmarking (and cross browser bookmarking) I do as a developer. So from this the idea of was born.

At this point in time I've only just started development. Things have been slow since I had the terrible idea of switching my technology stack for this project. This has meant I've had to deal with a huge learning curve. Moving from a Microsoft stack to using Node.js and PostgreSQL on a Linux machine involves a good deal of effort. Before making the switch everyone informed me switching stacks when doing a start-up was a terrible idea but of course I ignored them and went ahead and did it anyway. Now I'd whole heartedly agree that it is a terrible idea. Though I think the worst of it is behind me so it's full steam ahead at the moment.

Attention: if the concept of a bookmarking service for software developers interests you please sign-up at for the launch notification. If you feel like letting me know what your current approach to bookmarking is along with what you'd like to see in a bookmarking service you can submit information after signing up for the launch notification (or you could use