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The Who, What, Where, and Why of Peadar Doyle

My name is Peadar Doyle and I'm an Irish software developer. I currently live in Cork city but hail from Sligo town. I've started this blog because my online presence up to this point has been pretty minimal. I'm hoping to regularly post articles about technologies I work with day to day. I'm doing this so I can share my experiences with other developers as well as to improve my understanding of topics through the publishing process.

If you have thoughts on anything you come across on this site don't hesitate to get in touch. You can get me using contact[at]thisdomainname.

Popular sites that I'm on include GitHub, Stack Overflow, Hacker News, LinkedIn and the development forum. My activity on these sites varies quite a bit.

As of November 2014 I've started working for myself with the aim of releasing my own software product in 2015. This is a very experimental project and I might find myself on the job market again in the near future. Though if that is the case I'll hopefully be a little wiser at that stage!

Below is a bit of a history about my work and education to date.