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First Blog Post

So after years of meaning to setup an online presence under a domain name I own myself I've finally got around to doing it. This post should hopefully herald a bright new era of me blogging about technical and quasi-technical matters.

The blog itself is powered using Pelican, a static site generator built with Python. I'm hosting the blog on GitHub Pages and purchased a domain name – – on

The process of setting up and connecting all the different components that this blog relies on was far more involved than I expected. I won't say how long it took me for fear of embarrassing myself but it was done part time over a period of two weeks. The knowledge I picked up was fairly extensive; I used Git where my go to version control has always been Mercurial, I edited DNS zone files for the first time, I used VirtualEnv/Pip/Pelican for the first time and became familiar with domain name registration and GitHub Pages. Also since I am working on a Linux box now (Mint) things went more slowly since I don't have the level of familiarity with it that I'd have on Windows.

All in all I'm very happy with the blog. It is kept under source control, is easy to re-deploy and update content, uses Markdown for writing articles, and the theme looks nice. I hope to customise the theme as I go so the look and feel of the site is more unique.

Over the next few days I plan to write a more detailed article on how I setup the blog with references to all the wonderful resources I used.

Anyway it's nice to be up and running.